Protesting Medical Workers of Lagos University Teaching Hospital shut from Entering into The Hospital

The main entrance to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) was shut by the security operatives in order not to allow protesting medical workers of the University from gaining entry into the hospital facility. The order to shut down the main gate of the hospital was given by the Chief Security officer. According to the President of the LUTH chapter of the Association of Resident Doctors, Dr. Adebayo Sekumade explained that the medical workers were protesting over months of unpaid salaries, poor working conditions, very poor power supply, lack of materials such as syringes and needles to even work with among other very deteriorating conditions. The call on the quick intervention of the State and Federal Government in settling this problem.

This situation has become very terrible, while politicians fly out to receive medical attention whenever they need it. They allow the facilities in their home country to go into so much derogation

Photo credit: The Guardian Nigeria

Luth- Lagos University Teaching Hospital
Luth- Lagos University Teaching Hospital

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