Latest Graduate Careers in Nigeria

We have put together, some jobs we posted not to long ago for our new and Fresh graduate audience on our website. Nowadays we recognize the fact that it could be a daunting task to find jobs that require zero or few years of  job experience.
We are of the opinion that most companies do not regularly recruit fresh and new graduates because of the associated cost of training including time it takes for the fresher to get used to his or her work environment.
However if no one or no company recruits fresh graduates, how will people gain experience? whatever the case maybe, there are still some openings that do come out from time to time for new and fresh graduates on various careers section of companies in Nigeria.
Please check below to see some that you may be interested in.
Graduate Business Development Officers Recruitment at BIG Contractors
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Graduate Freelance Photographer at Jovago
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Graduate Geo Scientist at Baker Hughes
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Graduate Equipment Controller at APM Terminal
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