Avoiding New Trends of Job Scam in Nigeria

There is a current trend of Job Scam going on and has been widely reported, which the perpetrators use contacts of organisations such as schools, companies etc. The perpetrators call organisations in a particular location, say Lagos, pretending to be potential customers and after some days would then call to say that they work for one of the big firms in Nigeria e.g Oando (this is only an example) and they are hiring in another state, for instance Abuja) asking if the company they are calling has candidates there in Lagos who would be interested, most times the customer care officer would call up their relatives or Friends or even themselves for the job position. The perpetrators then ask the candidate to pay for flight booking by paying through a Bank account, which is a total scam. They can continue to ask you to pay for different unrealistic things.
Please as a Job Candidate, in as much as you need a job, please do not let desperation, cover your sense of reasoning, job scams in Nigeria can happen at different levels, private and even at Government level. My take on this is never pay a dime for any job recruitment, watch out for email addresses used by the alleged recruiter,avoid free email addresses for instance xyz@yahoo.com¬†this should just tell you it’s a complete jobs scam. Organisations would use addresses such as careers@xyz.com.
Remember perpetrators have diverse means of scamming people, so scams are not limited to the example giving above. But the major things that would help you to avoid job scams are

  • Do not be too greedy
  • Do not be too desperate¬†
  • and never give a dime for any recruitment process¬†

I do hope you find this article helpful.

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