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AfriCo is a business intelligence & Data-as-a-service platform that is uncovering data on African private companies, startups, venture capitalists and private equity firms.

If you can easily understand what’s written above, you’re probably a good fit for the role.

A spin-off from popular business journalism platform WeeTracker, AfriCo is now building its own inhouse team of analysts.

The Research Analyst for African markets will primarily work on thousands of raw data points to derive and uncover insights for our clients.

You are an ideal candidate:

  1. If you have worked in VC/PE industry in the last 2-3 years
  2. If you have founded a startup or worked as an early employee
  3. If you have worked in research & startegy arm of a consulting firm

If you aren’t from any of the above mentioned background but have a good understanding of VC/PE & business landscape in Africa. Feel free to apply!

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