Do you need an employment contract?

In this post we would be dealing with topics related to employment contract

In what situations is an employment contract mandatory?

Employment contract can be mandatory in certain cases. This is usually mandatory for  fixed-term contracts, open-ended contracts and temporary employment contracts. Apprenticeship contracts, professionalization contracts and single integration contracts are also contracts that need the signing of an employment contract.

In the case of a fixed-term contract, this must be drafted and signed by the employer and the employee. This is usually done within  days of hiring an employee depending on the location of the job. A contract can help in the case of a legal dispute.

In what situation is an employment contract not mandatory?
It has been noted from some sources that employees who start to work under a permanent contract, can go into a mere verbal contract but it is still advisable to seek for an employment contract always. So it is technically it very possible to work without employment contract.

What are some of the risks of starting a job without a contract or working without a contract?

The risk can be both ways i.e for the employee and the employer. If the company’s activities are regulated, the employer risk suffering serious sanctions and sometimes imprisonment depending on the country. For the employee he or she simply does not have a way to prove that he was hired and has worked for an employer and this can make it difficult to win a case during legal disputes.

What are the importance of a signed employment contract?
A signed employment contract offers several advantages to the employee and the employer. The employee is assured of his wages or salaries for his work at the organization. Furthermore, he or she cannot be illegally dismissed and before any dismissal, the employee receives notice. In some cases the employee benefits from work insurance in compliance with labor laws of the country he works in. And also employment contracts can help an employee to secure bank loans and credits without great difficulty.