How to Answer the Question on “What is Your Greatest Weakness”

September 27, 2022 0 Comments

“What is Your Greatest Weakness”

It can be a bit difficult to find the right answers to the question which can be raised during a job interview which is “what is your greatest weakness?”. To answer this question candidates need to be able to make a combination of self-awareness with planned action which can help to set you apart from the crowd of job seekers, so, it is advisable to answer this question by providing weaknesses which communicates strengths.

So in this post we shall be providing some answers which can help candidates in answering this question during job interviews.

Here are some:

1.I find it difficult to decline helping others: Candidates can explain to their recruiters how they find it difficult to decline helping other colleagues when they need their help, even when they have their own tasks to do. You can then further explain to the interviewer how you manage to organize yourself in a way to set realistic targets for yourself and others.

2. How you are too detail oriented:

Being too detail oriented may be seen as weakness but it indeed also shows strength and love for perfection. When you share this type of weakness, you indirectly show the organization that you can avoid the smallest of mistakes when working for the organization.

3. Difficulty maintaining work/life balance

Maintaining work/life can sometimes be difficult especially when people are very ambitious and have strong zeal for career success. Working hard is good but it is also necessary to maintain the balance as it helps in staying motivated. So, candidates can explain how hard this can be for them and what steps they take to ensure they maintain their work/life balance in order to stay motivated.

This is all for today on How to Answer the Question on “What is Your Greatest Weakness”. Please stay tuned as we will keep covering this topic more in other blog posts. You can read post like “Customer Service Representative Salaries“.

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