Should money be the most important factor in selecting a job?

July 14, 2022 0 Comments

When deciding to look for a new job or selecting a job offer, what would you say is the most important factor in making a decision to either go for a job or not to? or let us put it in another way, if you receive two job offers from let’s say company A and Company B, what would be the most important factor to help you make a choice?

In the above scenario, some would say “money” but would that necessarily be a major factor for a person to chose a job and in fact is it an ideal factor.

We know we all need money to fulfill our daily needs but following our research this is not just the factor most candidates put into consideration before they accept an offer. Some candidates would consider the proximity to their homes and apart from money some said they would have to consider job requirements.

However, some experts suggest candidates should take a look at the company and ask themselves questions like, is there room for growth in this organization? What is the size of the organization? and what are the company’s values?

These are indeed important questions to ask. For example a one man business may offer you a starting salary of N150,000 and a corporation might offer you less and if you accept a job with a private one man business because it offered more at the beginning, you might find yourself earning the same salary even after 5 years and still be in the same position but for someone who had accepted with a corporation, he might have moved up the ladder and would even be earning far higher salary after 5 years. This is not to say that private businesses are not good places to work, in fact some are great places to work but this is just to help candidates understand important questions they need to ask themselves before making a decision to accept an offer, especially when they are faced with alternatives. So candidates pay attention when selecting a job