Three Free Professional Social Networks

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Three Free Professional Social Networks

In this post we shall be talking some social media networks which can help you in your job search. But before we jump right in let us talk about some importance of social networks in job search.

For candidates and employers social networks can act as a connecting platform which connects both ends and social media can help employers to know a candidate better beyond what is written on the CV. It can also help candidates identify the attributes of a company by following comments and reviews about the employer and may even help you identify fake recruitment companies.

So, we’ll proceed to see the various social media networks that can be of help professionally.


Meetup is a nice social media platform which allows users to create local meet ups. You will have to indicate your interest when registering on the site, the Meetups will send you notifications when there are local meet ups around you locality. The interesting thing about Meetup is that should in case you don’t find any topic of interest, you can set up one and Meetup will then notify you when someone finds your topic interesting. You can find the website at this link



Opportunity is another social networking site which is designed for job-seekers and business people. It tries to create connection based on the users needs. Users may be notified when job opportunities that are of interest to them is made available and for for business people they may be notified when someone indicates an interest in what they offer.

You can visit the website at



LinkedIn is primary for career development and professional networking. The site originated from the US. It primarily allows employers to post jobs and allows job seekers to post their CVs and apply for jobs, you can also follow the brands and people that are important to you. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn and even improved the services of the site.

You can visit the website at


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