When Can You start a Job – How to Answer

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This blog post is on When Can You start a Job – How to Answer. Candidates prepare their CVs, prepare for interviews and sometimes finally they receive an invitation for an interview but we sometimes forget to prepare for a simple question that can also be very important.

During interviews there’s a possibility that a candidate might panic and quickly answer “immediately”. The truth is that even as simple as this question may seem it still requires that candidates apply some strategy to it. According to some career experts though candidates are tempted to show their excitement but a candidates needs to also put into consideration the perspective of the potential employer because they may have an ideal commencement date for job applicants.

There is no perfect way to answer this question but we provide you some tips to answering this question depending on your present situation.

When you are ready to start immediately

You might be enthusiastic to a new job but you wouldn’t want to make it look like you are desperate for it. It is better to calm down a little. If you need to commence your job immediately you should find a way of communicating that to your potential employer in a calm and professional manner. You can say that after learning about the job role, you find it a perfect fit for your skill and qualification and you can commence as soon as the start of the next work week.

When you need to give a notice at your present work place

Sometimes candidates may already be working elsewhere and are usually obliged to give notice, say one or two weeks notice. In this case the employer already expects this as they can see the information on your CV that you are currently working. So, you can professionally explain that you need a specified amount of time to inform your current employer and also help in any work wrap up and transfers and you will be glad to join the company immediately after this. Usually this could be one or two weeks.

A situation when you need to relocate

There are situations when candidates need to relocate, for instance a candidate might be living in Lagos and this new job is in Abuja, this now requires relocation. So, when asked, you need to be realistic as well as considerate of the timeline the company needs you, candidates can ask their potential employer, the time frame they offer for candidates who need to relocate. The whole idea of this is to keep it realistic, considerate and professional.


For now those are the tips we have on ” When Can You start a Job – How to Answer”. Remember you can find various Jobs in Nigeria by searching our homepage. You may also be interested in reading the article on Customer Service Representative Salaries.

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