How to negotiate your salary as a job seeker

June 22, 2022 0 Comments

Whether you recently graduated or have years of experience, a recruitment process involves addressing the issue of salary at some stage. Even if it is something you want to shy away from, pragmatism and transparency are your best friends! You should take out time to think and prepare yourself ahead of time:

1. Position yourself on the job market: You need to assess your skills, experience and expertise, then compare them to the salaries paid, You can use sites such as “glassdoor” to assess yourself.

2. You have to show firmness and finesse in approaching the subject: have you been able to clarify your value on the job market? If you have ! you now need to be ready to defend your salary claims without coming across to an employer as greedy.

3. Expect the negotiation phase: there is always some negotiation around the salary, but do not worry, it is just a dialogue. The goal  is usually to know if there is a common ground that can be reached between you and the recruiter.

Determining the right Pay
There are several things to put into consideration when evaluating your salary. Below are some questions you need to ask yourself.

What is your level of education and experience that you have?: determine the average salary of a profile like yours who has the same level of education or experience. and the region or city of work

What skills do I have? ask questions such as what  skills are required  for the job position?  and which ones do you have including soft skills and relational skills?

You need to know the market you are addressing: it should be noted that not all sectors of job activities have the same pay capacities, it is therefore important to identify the major attributes of the job profile. You need to ask questions like “Is the job I am looking to fill popular or scarce? What is the salary range of the job? How is the organization performing within the sector?

Determine your level of salary need: The pay has a very economic function and is unique to each person. So you need to ask yourself some questions like “What salary can work for my daily expenses?”.