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Salary of an Expendable Supply Clerk at The US Embassy

There is a US Embassy in Abuja and a US consulate in Lagos, Nigeria. You might be aiming to work in a US Mission in Nigeria but curious to find out what the salary scale of the missions staff are. Today we would be bringing you the salary of an Expendable supply clerk at the US Mission in Nigeria is.

But before we jump right in let us go through a brief overview of the job description of an expendable supply clerk is:

The person who takes on this role is usually be responsible for  storage, disposal, delivery, issuance, helping medium size post and inventory control of  various expendable supplies at the mission etc.

Now that we have seen the brief overview of this job position, let us now go to the salary earned by the placeholder.

The place holder earns a salary of NGN3,652,290 per annum  as at the time of this post research which was in March, 2022.

This amount serves as an indication of how much the placeholder earns. Of course salaries can change from time to time.

If you want to check the link to one of the jobs for Expendable Supply Clerk at The US Embassy, you can follow the link below to the Jobs in Nigeria today job portal.

This link is here: Expendable Supply Clerk

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