How to Verify the Recognition of Your Foreign Qualification in Germany

Are you considering moving to Germany for work or study but unsure if your foreign qualification is recognized? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to check if your qualification is recognized in Germany:

  1. Understand the Qualification Requirements: First and foremost, ensure that your vocational qualification or higher education degree meets the criteria set by the German government. Your vocational qualification should have entailed at least two years of vocational training.
  2. Visit the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) Website: The Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) is the authority responsible for assessing the recognition of foreign qualifications in Germany. Head over to their website to begin the process.
  3. Application Process: Depending on your qualification, there are different processes to follow:
    • For vocational qualifications: Apply online through the ZAB portal for an assessment of your qualification.
    • For higher education degrees: You can also apply to the ZAB for confirmation of state recognition in the country where your degree was obtained.
  4. Provide Necessary Documentation: Ensure you have all the required documents ready for your application, such as copies of your qualification certificates, transcripts, and any other relevant documentation.
  5. Wait for the Assessment: Once you’ve submitted your application, it may take some time for the ZAB to assess your qualification. Be patient during this period.
  6. Receive the Result: If your qualification is recognized, you’ll receive a positive result from the ZAB. This confirmation is crucial for supporting your visa application.
  7. Act Accordingly: Depending on the outcome, you can proceed with your visa application knowing that your qualification meets the necessary standards in Germany. If your qualification isn’t recognized, you may need to explore alternative options or undergo additional steps for recognition.

Remember, ensuring the recognition of your foreign qualification is essential for a smooth transition to life in Germany. By following these steps and obtaining confirmation from the ZAB, you can confidently pursue your goals in Germany with a recognized qualification in hand.

ZAB Official Website:


Please be advised that applications for digital information on professional qualifications to the ZAB are not currently being accepted. However, it is anticipated that this service will be available by the end of April 2024.