The German Opportunity Card to Roll out in June 2024

The opportunity card, a new temporary residence permit for skilled workers, is a crucial element of the Skilled Immigration Act. This permit enables foreign nationals to secure employment in Germany without needing a job offer prior to entry.

The status will be granted through a points-based system, requiring a minimum of six points for qualification. Points will be awarded based on factors such as language proficiency, education level, age, and other qualifications. Additionally, applicants must demonstrate sufficient financial support for their stay.
Holders of the opportunity card can work an average of 20 hours per week and participate in trial employment for up to two weeks with prospective employers in roles related to their qualifications or aimed at professional training.

The card can be extended for a maximum of two years.
Additional Information: Applicants must prove they have enough financial resources to qualify for the opportunity card, ensuring they can support themselves without relying on public funds. The required financial means vary but generally amount to an annual standard of 12,324 euros per person (approximately US$13,380). The points system matches prospective applicants’ qualifications with the selection criteria. Basic requirements include German language skills at level A1 or English language skills at level B2, along with at least two years of vocational training or a university degree. While no points are awarded for meeting the basic requirements, points are granted for additional professional experience, age, and connections to Germany.