IU Berlin Free Application – Start Your Studies in Germany

Established in 1998 with a mission to empower individuals for success in the digital era, IU International University of Applied Sciences has steadily evolved into Germany’s largest university. Accredited by the German Council of Science and Humanities, IU has become a prominent institution in the academic landscape.

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Tuition fees are as low as 9500 Euros per program/session

Study models

Full online: entire degree is completed online

Hybrid*: first part of degree is completed online and the rest via on campus learning
Master/MBA: 1 semester online + rest on campus learning
Bachelor: 2 semesters online + rest on campus learning

Campus: entire degree is completed via on campus learning

Note: The study model won’t be mentioned on the graduation certificate

Required Documents

Transcripts & degree certificate
Grading scale
Proof of English (only for campus/hybrid programs) – Not necessary for Nigerians
Proof of work experience (only for selected Master programs)


Fill the form below for Campus Programs



Contact us for Online and Hybrid application/registrations at [email protected]